New Apple Job Posting Suggests Focus Is On ‘Cloud Services’

With rumors surrounding the possible revamp of MobileMe this Summer, alongside rumors of Apple now thought to be building super datacenters, laying the foundations for its “video gadget”, 21st-century ‘cloud-based’ broadcasting network, a new Apple job posting highlighted by AppleInsider this week may just be the first piece of evidence which hints at the company shifting its focus to cloud services.

The new job listing, entitled, “Cloud Systems Software Engineer” asks for a candidate able to take up a full-time role at the Cupertino-based company for the purpose of joining a “small team” that will help build “the future of cloud services at Apple.”

That small team writes “software which forms the foundation” for some of Apple’s “most exciting new products and services,” the job listing reads. In keeping with Apple’s legendary secrecy, the listing does not reveal what services the company’s cloud-driven future will include.

MobileMe revamp with “Digital Locker”, plus, on-demand TV Shows and Movies via the cloud, anyone?

[via AppleInsider]