Apple Outs Q2 Sales Figures In Samsung Complaint, 108M iPhone, 60M iPod touch, 19M iPads Sold

With Apple expected to hold its Q2 conference call this Wednesday, research firm Asymco notes that Apple’s latest complaint to Samsung features some never before released sales data on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

As shown above, the complaint notes that Apple had sold 108M iPhones worldwide, as of March 2011.

Alongside that staggering figure also came news that the company had shifted 60M iPod touch units and 19M iPad units. Based on this information, Asymco takes a stab at predicting sales figures for the current quarter (not yet closed).

Total iPhones sold before Q1: 89,971,000 implying a minimum of 18.1 million sold during the quarter.
Total iPod touch sold before Q1 (estimated): 55.5 million implying a minimum of 4.5 million iPod touch sold during the quarter.
Total iPads sold before Q1: 14,789,000 implying a minimum of 4.2 million iPads sold during the quarter.

Bottom line – Asymco believes Apple is on track to sell 18.1 Million iPhones, 4.5 Million iPod touch and 4.3 Million iPads.

[via 9to5Mac]