Kickstarted: Bamboo Speaker (For iPhone 4)

Kickstarted: Bamboo Speaker (For iPhone 4)

We’ve seen a crazy amount of ideas become successful thanks to funding site Kickstarter over the past year. From bathroom iPad stands, hands-free kits, styluses, clip-on panoramic lens and more.

If you’ve got the idea, Kickstarter likely has the people willing to back it.

Meet Anatoliy Omelchenko, creator of the Bamboo Speaker for iPhone 4. Made from a whole length of bamboo, this amplifier slash speaker needs no electricity, you simply plug your iPhone into its hollowness and there you have it – instant, intensity of the bottom speaker originally found on your iPhone.

Bamboo Speaker is unique in the sense that it splits one channel of sound into two. Sound forms first hit the bottom of the inner side of the bamboo, before continuing to ricochet outwards to both exit points, creating a stereo effect.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is stronger, more flexible and forgiving than plastic or some metals. A foot-long, whole link of bamboo requires only a few modifications to make it an iPhone-compatible speaker. The top of the bamboo is precision-cut to create an opening that, in concert with the natural construction of bamboo, serves as a fitted dock that fixes the iPhone in place.

How Much?

If the Bamboo Speaker manages to reach its $10,000 goal by July 9, of which Omelchenko and team have already secured $5,270 from 164 willing backers, Bamboo Speaker is expected to hit shelves for $25-30.

Want to help out? – Check out Bamboo Speaker on kickstarter and pledge today.