Apple Patent Confirms User-Created Widgets For iOS Are Comings

Apple Patent Confirms User-Created Widgets For iOS Are Comings

About an hour ago, we reported on an exclusive, (via PCMag), which claimed Apple has at last been granted the patent for its iPhone smartphone. What was interesting is that, according to experts, the patent alone could see the of end smartphone competition for Apple, or a least see the firm make a fortune on multitouch licensing agreements as a result of upcoming lawsuits.

But, as noted by reader Isaac, there was something else in the patent — something which was hidden in plain sight. As seen above, Apple specifically mentions “User-Created Widget(s)” as well as something called the “Widget Creator Module”. Third-party widget creation with iOS 5, (in its current form), is simply not possible. Users are required to remove restrictions by way of jailbreaking before this functionality becomes available.

However, in Apple’s market-blowing patent which it was granted earlier today, the firm describes the possible user-creation of such widgets, which could, (theoretically), run on devices such as the iPhone, and iPad.

The news follows various jailbreak developers taking to custom widget-creation for Apple’s Notification Center, found in iOS 5 (Beta 1), over the past few weeks.

Out-of-the-box widget creation coming in iOS 5?