Mac OS X Lion, July 14. iPhone 5 (with iOS 5), September 7? – [UPDATED X2]

Mac OS X Lion, July 14. iPhone 5 (with iOS 5), September 7? – [UPDATED X2]

An Apple Certified Technician, (who asked to remain anonymous), has tonight contacted RazorianFly with the above 2-page .PDF document. Found in Apple’s official Technician Portal, the document is entitled “Apple Certified Technician Handbook” and specifically states the release date of both Mac OS X Lion and iPhone 5 (which will run iOS 5).

Signed by Tim Cook, Apple Inc. Chief-Operating-Officer, the document outlines the company’s procedures for technicians dealing with iOS devices currently running beta versions of Apple’s iOS software, noting that technicians are forbidden from servicing any device running any form of unreleased beta software.

Alongside detailing Apple’s technician service policies regarding devices running unreleased software, we also learn the official release dates of both Mac OS X Lion and iPhone 5, with the document claiming Lion is set to drop July 14, and iPhone 5, along with iOS5, (as previously rumored), launching September 7.

The first page of the document RazorianFly received, reads:

Please note that Apple Technicians are currently not able to service, troubleshoot, or provide assistance on beta versions of any OS that is in beta stage. Customers should not have any pre-release software on any personal devices. These betas are meant for Registered Apple Developers, dedicated to a testing only device. iOS 5 and OS X Lion are not supported at this time. Support for OS X Lion, will be available on release date, July 14th. iOS 5 Support, will be available on release date, September 7th, in accordance with the iPhone 5 Keynote.

More information on these product launches will become available, 2 weeks before the product is scheduled to launch.

The second page of the document, reads:

Servicing unauthorized products, currently running 10.7 or iOS 5, will result in termination of your Apple Certified Technician Contract.

Take this for what you will – but we’d also like to remind you, we’ve been right before.

[Update] – In response to some contained criticism we’ve received for posting this, we can categorically assure you that we ourselves did not “fake” this document. RazorianFly has, however, not yet been able to validate its authenticity.

[Update 2] – RazorianFly has received a number of anonymous tips claiming the document is in fact FAKE. RazorianFly aims to up-keep its pristine track record it has worked hard in maintaining while breaking the absolute latest Apple-related news you and 100,000+ others love. However, this is sometimes not always possible.

In future, we will be even more diligent than we are now in choosing which pieces of news we report on, especially in the case of unverified, claimed “leaked”, Apple documentation. We’re all in this life together, and we all learn something new every step of the way.