Kickstarted: The Infinite Loop – [VIDEO]

Kickstarted: The Infinite Loop – [VIDEO]

Kickstarted by San Francisco Designer and Engineer, Tim Gushue, The Infinite Loop was created to become a tablet stand which is capable of adapting to any environment where you happen to use your tablet.

On the plane, in the car or heading off to another country by way of air, The Infinite Loop is a 4-inch strip of malleable copper and plastic which, when fastened together with the provided clips, creates a extremely versatile stand for your iPad, or any other type of tablet you happen to own.

There’s also a smaller version for iPhone, complete with suction cup.

The InfiniteLoop is a simple solution to making the iPad truly useful. It helps the iPad to deliver on it’s versatility when reading in bed, watching a movie on a plane or doing Facetime on the go. The InfiniteLoop was born out of the frustration with not being able to find an iPad stand that could accommodate all uses.

Having already managed to secure $13,071 of his original $27,500 goal from 200 willing backers, the project will remain on kickstarter for another 27 days, at which point, if the project has been successfully funded, manufacturing will begin to bring the now concept product to life.

If you want to help Gushue bring The Infinite Loop to market, head over here and start pledging for as little as $1.

[via TiPB]