Skype For iPad – [VIDEO, UPDATED X4: Arrives Tuesday!]

Skype For iPad – [VIDEO, UPDATED X4: Arrives Tuesday!]

Skype just posted the following video showing off what appears to be their official iPad client to their YouTube account. The video was later set to private. Luckily, reader Shason (@trackizmy1) managed to take a screen recording of it before that happened.

We re-uploaded it, although the application is not yet available on the store.


[Update]9to5Mac claims to have received a screenshot of the video as originally uploaded by Skype.

We’ve received this screen shot that is said to be the Skype YouTube channel displaying the video above.

[Update 2] – Skype’s VP of Consumer and Product Design, Rick Osterloh, speaking to TUAW has confirmed the video is legit. No release date has been given.

They haven’t announced a date for release yet, but video of the app has leaked out online, and the app is expected to be approved soon. Skype VP of Consumer and Product Design Rick Osterloh had a quick chat with us here at TUAW about the new app and what Skype expects to get out of it.

[Update 3]Ina Fried for AllThingsD has confirmed Skype will unveil its plans to release Skype for iPad, next week.

I bet there are some angry Skype calls going around inside the company’s headquarters over this one.

The video chat company was planning to wait until next week to announce its iPad plans, but the cat got out of the bag on Friday after the company briefly posted a promotional video on YouTube.

[Update 4]CNET has confirmed Skype for iPad will be available for download, Tuesday.