‘Feed Me Oil HD’ Was £1.19, Now 59p! – [PRICE DROP]

‘Feed Me Oil HD’ Was £1.19, Now 59p! – [PRICE DROP]

Featuring the same art-style as World Of Goo, Chillingo’s hit Feed Me Oil HD has today dropped from its original price of £1.19 to just 59p for a limited time. Released onto the store on June 1, Feed Me Oil is a physics-based adventure which requires you to control a landscape which is both alive and thirsty for its next fix of oil.

Using various contraptions and tilting platforms, your aim is to guide the stream of leaking oil from the various broken pipes lying around the place into the mouths of the weird land creatures, watering the land with the oil it so desperately craves.


When hunger strikes, strike oil! Welcome to a weird and wonderful place where the land is literally alive — and it’s starving! Your job is to get the oil from the broken pipe to the mouths of the strange creatures. It won’t be easy though, as you’ll need to use all sorts of fun tools, as well as your brains, to solve the puzzles.


• A huge variety of mind-bending levels will test your mental skills.
• Different ways to solve each puzzle for endless replayability.
• Intuitive touch controls that make the game a breeze to play.
• Incredibly slick and realistic physics create oil like you’ve never seen.
• Unique, surreal art design that looks amazing on your iPad.
• Use fans, magnets, wind, and more to beat each level.
• Gift free levels to your friends and family and share your experience.
• Stunning musical soundtrack that features jazz, emotive piano tracks, and more.

Designed for iPad, Feed Me Oil HD weighs in at 21.2 MB and is again 59p ($0.99) for a limited time. If you happen to be a fan of physic puzzles and challenging gameplay we suggest you don’t miss out on this one.

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