JailbreakMe.com Now Up For Auction/Sale At $2,400? – [UPDATED X4]

JailbreakMe.com Now Up For Auction/Sale At $2,400? – [UPDATED X4]

There are a few reports flying about this afternoon which claim that the Comex (@Comex)-owned domain Jailbreakme.com is now up for sale, (or auction), going for $2,400. The report arrives via iJailbreak.com, who claims to have a screenshot showing the domain is for sale through domain registrar GoDaddy.

The site is yet to offer up a direct link to such an auction, but notes:

As the domain name was privately registered we cannot find out who is currently the owner of the domain name Jailbreakme.com. Thus, we cannot point fingers to who is actually selling the domain name.

The news follows Comex’s “JailbreakMe 3.0″ exploit leaking out publicly on Friday night through an official beta tester for the untethered jailbreak. Could this action be related?Will Comex cease development of JailbreakMe 3.0 due to this recent leak?

These are all unanswered questions at this point. So far, Comex is yet to step forward and confirm the move.

We’ll keep you posted on developments.

[Update]Direct link to auction on GoDaddy, via Jaden – (in the comments).

[Update 2] – Auction bid is now up to $2,500 with 12D, 13H left.

[Update 3] – @Comex just confirmed via Twitter that he is in fact – not – the owner of jailbreakme.com, and didn’t put the domain up for auction on GoDaddy.

[Update 4]iH8Sn0w chimes in claiming that Nicholas Penree (@npenree) may be the original owner of the site and thus the person who has put the domain up for auction on GoDaddy. It is so far unclear just why the domain is up for auction.

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