iOS 5 To Feature Safari Extensions – [UPDATED X2]

iOS 5 To Feature Safari Extensions – [UPDATED X2]

From a source who asked to remain anonymous, RazorianFly has this week received a few screenshots taken from a future version of iOS which suggests that Safari Extensions and the ability to directly download (and manage) files from Mobile Safari, may be present in an upcoming version of the software.

Originally found within the internal settings of a pre-release version of iOS, the option “Safari_File_Downloader”, (which obviously appears to be a placeholder), can be seen next to a toggle On/Off switch.

In July 2010, Apple released Safari 5.0 for Mac (and PC) which enabled Extensions (plugins) that competing browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others, already had enabled. Months and weeks after the release of Safari 5.0, speculation is still brewing as to whether Apple has any plans to add this functionality to both iPhone and iPad – and it seems now, this may just be set to become a reality.

[Update] – To clarify, the screenshot which showed the option “Safari Download Manager” (now removed) was thought to be a jailbreak tweak. However, the original screenshot, which shows an option placeholder for the setting “Safari_File_Downloader”, (now seen above), is not thought to be from the same tweak, but rather an option found in the ‘Settings’ panel of a future version of iOS.

[Update 2] – Clarifying some more. The reason why the toggle switch on the screenshot is squared as opposed to circular is due to our source having first installed iOS 5′s ‘Internal Settings’ module onto a downgraded iPad, which wasn’t running iOS 5 at the time. Read: They extracted the internal settings from a future version of iOS.