Apple Approves First Lion-Compatible Mac App Update, WordCrasher

Apple Approves First Lion-Compatible Mac App Update, WordCrasher

OS X Daily this week notes that Apple has officially approved the first OS X Lion ready app update into the Mac App Store. Originally a Mac App Store launch day title and currently on sale for 50% its normal asking price, according to its app description, Word Crasher 1.0.5 now takes advantage of “full-screen” mode as well as “resume” under OS X Lion.

The game is set out in a ‘tank-like’ environment. With fairly straight forward gameplay, at the start of each level a number of letter ‘chips’ fall to the ground, and every few seconds or so after that, another letter chip will be added into the mix. Unlike other word puzzles of it’s genre, in Word Crasher you’re able to make a word from any of the letters on screen, regardless of their current position or proximity to others letters on screen. Almost psychedelic in it’s approach, the game has a sort of modern retro feel to it. Tapping letters on the board will see a faint colorful neon-like glow surround them. As you select various letters to create a word, they appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to see just what you’ve selected and whether it actually does make sense (unlike my attempt – seen right!). The games AI then lets you know if the word exists by lighting up either the ‘tick’ symbol (bottom right), or cross symbol (bottom left).

The game’s “Flood Panic” mode injects even more challenge, introducing a rising water level which creates both a frenzied-type gameplay experience and a race against the clock. Having spent some time with the game, my first impressions are that this is one polished, well-designed and thought out title.

The news follows Apple on Tuesday asking its Mac developers to start submitting their Lion-ready applications to the Mac App Store in anticipation for the software’s debut, sometime later this month. Mac OS X Lion reached “Golden Master” status on July 1.

Download WordCrasher on the Mac App Store for £1.49.

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