Logic Pro Has Compatibility Issues With Lion?

Logic Pro Has Compatibility Issues With Lion?

According to reports over at app compatibility wiki Roaring Apps, Apple’s Logic Pro may suffer from some compatibility issues with Mac OS X Lion. Highlighted by reader Colum (@ColumAlmighty), Logic Pro running on Lion appears to cause a few issues, including crashing.

Ryan, writes:

Was running 9.0.0… crashed when opening the app, consistently. Today I ran the update to 9.1.4, and I’m still having this issue. Not sure if there’s an outside factor involved, but it was running fine on SL.

Fabio, writes:

Logic Pro 9.1.4 works in 64 and 32 bit mode with lion developers preview 4, but the performance aren’t amazing, the system overload pop-up appears frequently…

Another user, writes:

Logic Pro 9.1.4 + GM, full screen mode not working properly. It messes up if you swipe to the desktop view. Except that, works like a charm.

Running Lion GM and having similar issues? – Let us know below. Colum (and others) have informed us that they’ll be holding off on the upgrade to Lion until these Logic compatibility issues are fixed.