Making An OS X Lion Boot Disk

Making An OS X Lion Boot Disk

Craighton Miller for Lockergnome on how you can create your own Mac OS X Lion boot disk when the software makes it debut on the Mac App Store, later today.

1. Download Mac OS X Lion From The Mac App Store.

2. Once it is downloaded, locate the Lion installer and right-click on it, selecting Show Package Contents.

3. Navigate inside the “Contents” folder, go inside Shared Support and, inside, locate the installer: InstallESD.dmg.

4. Copy InstallESD.dmg to the desktop.

5. Now, go to Disk Utility.

6. Click on the Burn button on the top menu.

7. Navigate to the Desktop in the selector and select InstallESD.dmg.

8. Now insert a blank 4.7 GB DVD and wait for the disk to burn.

9. You’re done! – You now have a Lion install DVD ready to go and install on all of your Macs.

Considering Mac OS X Lion is expected to be available for download exclusively through the Mac App Store, Apple will not be offering the software on a physical DVD. With Lion now containing support for a wireless recovery partition, which will allow anyone to restore the operating system without downloading another copy from the store, there is no need for Apple to issue Lion on a disc.

However, if you wish to create a disc for your own piece of mind, simply follow Miller’s steps above.

[via Lockergnome]