Changing Launchpad’s Folder Background Image – [GUIDE]

Changing Launchpad’s Folder Background Image – [GUIDE]

Tired of the linen background image of folders in Launchpad? – You can easily change it to anything you want with this simple walkthrough.

Here’s How

1. From Lion’s desktop, hold Command + Shift + G. This will take you to “Go To Folder”. From here, you want to enter the location as follows.


2. The file which determines the background of a folder created in Launchpad is called ecsb_background_tile.png , so you’ll want to find that file, drag a copy to your desktop for reverting and rename it to ecsb_background_tile-backup.png.

3. Once you’ve got your replacement PNG, name it “ecsb_background_tile.png” and drag it into’s “Resources” directory. Authenticate the change with the system, when asked.

4. Open Terminal and type:

killall Dock

5. Open Launchpad and try creating a new folder by dragging any app onto another.

6. That’s it!

OSXDaily also has a great method to change OS X Lion’s default Launchpad “Folder” icon, too. For a guide on how to do that, be sure to hit up the source link.

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