Twitterrific 4.3: Now With Cross-Device Timeline Synchronization

Twitterrific 4.3: Now With Cross-Device Timeline Synchronization

Updated earlier this week, Twitterrific 4.3 for iOS (and Mac) now supports the automatic and seamless synchronization of your account timeline across all devices. Powered by tweet bookmarking service TweetMarker, using the service Twitterrific 4.3 can now detect ”the “last read” tweet for [any] given Twitter user,” and update your active timeline across all devices to reflect this last reading point.

As shown above, your last read tweet detected by Tweetmarker will be highlighted with a small purple marker over that tweet’s timestamp. This feature is especially handy if you happen to be anything like me and require to switch to various different devices to tweet throughout the day.



• Twitterrific now syncs timeline positions across all versions via Tweet Marker
– Turn on Tweet Marker feature via Settings
– Adjust to view synced position or auto-scroll to position on refresh


• Improved and Twitter picture handling
• Support for displaying images inline
• Improved handling of errors associated with incorrect time & time zones
• Graphical refinements to popovers, timeline and buttons


• Links to Instagram blog entries open correctly in the browser
• Voice Over accessibility label added to initial log-in dialog

Twitterrific 4.3 for iOS weighs in at 7.0 MB supporting iPhone, iPod touch and iPad natively. To compliment the update to the universal iOS client, Twitterrific 4.3 for Mac with support for timeline synchronization using TweetMarker is now also available from the Mac App Store.

[h/t AppShopper]