You Can Now Download Free iTunes eBooks At Starbucks, Too!

You Can Now Download Free iTunes eBooks At Starbucks, Too!

Following the launch of its well-received App Store ‘Pick of the Week’ promotion just a few weeks ago, which now sees the popular coffee chain giveaway a FREE app for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, every week, to those customers who frequent its many U.S outlets, Starbucks has announced that – starting today – it will also be offering its customers a FREE e-Book Pick of the Week, too.

Available from the iBookstore for $12.99 in the U.S, and currently available for pre-order for £6.99 in the UK, the first e-book to receive the special treatment is that of Erin Morgenstern’s debut, The Night Circus.

Writing for the Official Starbucks Blog, David B, content manager for the Starbucks Digital Network, wrote:

This week we launch the next of our expanded Pick of the Week selections in our US stores in conjunction with iTunes. For the first time, we are featuring a digital book, available on the iBookstore. Erin Morgenstern’s riveting debut novel, The Night Circus, is an expansive and warmhearted tale of student magicians and the mysterious setting of their encounters.

Noting that “TV shows and more from iTunes” are expected in the coming weeks and months, it is clear that Starbucks may be onto a winner with these promotions. Gone are the days you could walk into a Starbucks and be greeted with just a FREE song. Soon, you might be able to walk out with a FREE TV show episode, too.

For now, though, be sure to head over to The Starbucks Blog to read an exclusive summary of the e-book on offer from author himself, Erin Morgenstern.

[h/t @iheartapple2]