Doodle Jump 2.6 – Now With Two New Platform Types

Doodle Jump 2.6 – Now With Two New Platform Types

It’s fair to say that LimaSky‘s Doodle Jump has seen wild success over these past few years. Launched in March 2009 and hitting 1 Million downloads in December 2009, Doodle Jump (as of March 2010) had raked in over $2.97 Million in revenue. According to MobileCrunch, that meant Apple had seen roughly $891,000 generated from the game.

… And that was last year.

Having received 11 updates since then, the game’s developers on Friday issued Doodle Jump’s 48th update since its original debut, adding more fun to the platform-jumping experience, bringing with it two new platform types.

This update brings two fun new platform types! In the original theme you will now run into platforms that shift position when you jump on one. So aim your next jump very carefully. You will also get to the point where it will seem there is nowhere to jump next, but just as you jump on that last platform, another one will appear just within your reach.

Doodle Jump 2.6 is now available for download from the iTunes App Store, weighing in at 19.1 MB and supporting iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Grab your copy of the game – (below!)