Sergio Calderon Just Hired A Lawyer. Lawsuit, Incoming? – [REPORT]

Sergio Calderon Just Hired A Lawyer. Lawsuit, Incoming? – [REPORT]

Cava 22 – The Mexican bar/restaurant the iPhone 5 prototype was
reported to have gone missing from, (Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Remember Sergio Calderon? – a reported suspect in the “missing” iPhone 5 prototype case, Mr. Calderon originally confirmed that only two people entered his residency in search for the missing device that summers afternoon. Although, in the same report, Calderon was also quick to note his confusion relating to the identity and authority of these two people, noting they could have been either SFPD or impersonating officers.

Speaking to the SF Weekly, Calderon continued that he was pretty sure “they were SFPD” until he let them in, noting he would not have let the reported two “officers” into his home if he had known prior to the entering that they were ‘not actually police officers’.

“When they came to my house, they said they were SFPD,” Calderón said. “I thought they were SFPD. That’s why I let them in.” He said he would not have permitted the search if he had been aware the two people conducting it were not actually police officers.

Following this report, and reportedly detecting foul play somewhere along the line, CNET tonight claims Mr. Calderon has hired a lawyer. Noting a lawsuit against Apple may be on the horizon, however, currently his client and himself were ‘still investigating what happened’, San Francisco-based attorney, David Monroe, was quoted as saying:

[Calderon] is considering filing a lawsuit against Apple, but, for now, is still investigating what happened.

He continued:

Based on what he’s learned so far, Monroe said, the actions of Apple security personnel and San Francisco police are “outrageous.”

In response to the question ‘How did Apple already know Calderon’s first name when they and police showed up at his front door?’, Monroe stated:

“We don’t know much still,” … “I’ll be taking that up with” Apple and the police.

Apple reportedly declined to comment for [CNET's] article.

[via CNET]