Issues Arise As Upgraders Are Unable To Restore To iOS 5 – [UPDATED X2]

Issues Arise As Upgraders Are Unable To Restore To iOS 5 – [UPDATED X2]

Bottom line: Everyone and their dog wants iOS 5.

The result? – We’re now hearing Apple’s servers may temporarily be experiencing issues, due to the colossal demand for this update. According to reports we’re receiving over Twitter, it appears many of you are even struggling to restore to the new software, which may suggest Apple’s activation servers are down.

In fact, some of our readers are reporting they are entering their fourth or fifth attempt to get a slice of action. Sadly, based on the amount of reports flooding in, it appears these issues may last for at least the next few hours.

We’ll update you on these issues in real-time, as and when we know more.

[Update] – The most reported error we’re hearing about appears to be “Error 3200″. This error is usually associated with the use of the “Update” option, instead of the “Restore” option. To those people, we suggest grabbing yourself a copy of iOS 5 from Apple’s servers directly.

Once downloaded, while holding the Option (Shift) key, click the “Restore” button under iTunes’ Summary tab. Navigate to the copy of iOS 5 you managed to download from Apple’s servers and iTunes should do the rest.

Let us know if this works for you!

[Update 2] – Some users are reporting a level of success with multiple retry attempts.

[Updating ...]