Distro, Now Available For Download

Distro, Now Available For Download

Originally announced earlier this year by the guys over at Engadget, and arriving right alongside the launch of Newsstand for iOS 5, Distro is a brand new, FREE publication by AOL which presents the week’s most popular tech-related stories in easy to manage, interactive, bite-sized chunks.

In their words:

At its most molecular level, it’s nothing more than a series of ones and zeros, cobbled together in a compiler and made to look like words and images on Apple’s iPad. But in reality, it’s something far greater — something that the entire Engadget staff couldn’t be more proud to have their names on. Distro is the week in technology news, distilled down and reformatted into a beautiful, offline view that can be enjoyed anywhere. You know, like one of those regional jets still awaiting their rightful Gogo injection.

Featuring creative content layouts from the outset, a copy of Distro will be delivered to you each week with support for offline reading. Sadly though, despite our mention of Newsstand at the beginning of this article, Distro doesn’t yet carry support for it.

However, when asked why the FREE publication didn’t make the cut for the digital news-rack, Tim Stevens, Editor-In-Chief of Engadget’s Distro project, had this to say:

You know when we were told otherwise? Yesterday. We weren’t going to delay the release for that.

We’ll get there. Sit tight.

As well as condensing news found of the site throughout the week down into manageable chunks, the editors of Distro have also confirmed that they’ll be offering up some exclusive content too.

We’re also mixing in some exclusive content found only in Distro, like an editor’s letter from yours truly to get you up to speed on the week’s news. Don’t miss the weekly comic, hand-crafted by a selection of some of the most talented artists in the industry. And, every now and again, we’ll be surprising you with a special edition issue just to keep you on your toes.

Available on the store since Wednesday of this week, Distro (2.6 MB) has been designed exclusively for iPad and is a welcome edition to all other App Store magazines out there. You can grab your copy, right now, below!