“iPod Godfather” Reinvents The Thermostat – [VIDEO]

“iPod Godfather” Reinvents The Thermostat – [VIDEO]

Tony Fadell, (often referred to as the “iPod Godfather,” due to his role as Senior Vice President of the iPod Division at Apple), has this week outed his next project from his start-up Nest. Having managed and worked with the team who was responsible for the iPod and iPhone during his time at the company, Fadell eventually left Apple in March of this year after a reports claimed the VP had had runnings with Senior VP of iOS, Scott Forstall.

Forstall, however, denied these claims, noting:

I inherited the competitive iPhone OS project from Jon Rubenstein and Steve Sakoman when they left Apple. I quickly shuttered the project after assessing that a modified Mac OS was the right platform to build the iPhone upon. It was clear that to create the best smartphone product possible, we needed to leverage the decades of technology, tools and resources invested in Mac OS while avoiding the unnecessary competition of dueling projects.

Putting the past behind him, today CNET profiles Fadell’s next project in which he intends to completely reinvent the thermostat. Bringing along 100 people at Nest for the ride, the firm is mainly funded by Venture Capitalists, some of which are said to include: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Google, Shasta Ventures and Lightspeed.

Heavily inspired by the iPod’s click-wheel, the Nest thermostat is circular in shape and looks like something straight out of a science-fiction novel. To adjust the overall temperature, you simply have to turn the outer dial either left or right.

But, here’s the most interesting part of Nest … it actually learns what you do.

According to the following promos provided by the company, Nest will begin learning the day you install it. No matter whether you turn it up or down, Nest claims to be able to map your lifestyle, and, after just one or two weeks, will begin creating a schedule based on your heating habits.

Designed to save you money on your provided by the electricity bill and avoid you having to adjust your – let’s be honest, quite complex – thermostat that you already own, Next aims to take away your worry of leaving the heating on while not at home.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Taking cues from the iPhone and iPod’s success over the last several years, the team at Nest has also built-in fully compatibility with iOS, allowing you to adjust the temperature of your home remotely, via your notebook, smartphone or iPod.

Check out how the Nest system might work for you – (below).

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