Users Face Issues With iCloud Push Mail

According to a number of threads over at Apple Discussions, it appears many of you out there are having trouble with iCloud’s ability – (or inability) – to push mail to your iOS devices.

User Matt details this issue with a collection of step-by-step instructions:

1. Close all apps in the background
2. Restart your iOS 5 device
3. Send an e-mail from another client
4. Waiting for push mail

Result: It should work at this time (there is no in the background)

5. Now open the on your iOS 5 device, and send it to the background
6. Send an e-mail from another client again
7. Waiting for push mail

Result: It works (with the in the background)

8. Now close the completely (kill the app from running in the background)
9. Send an e-mail from another client again
7. Waiting for push mail

Result: It doesn’t work

With no word from Apple officially on the issue, some believe this may be due to a bug in iOS 5. However, others are not convinced, noting that they believe iCloud itself is to blame for the fault.

User Palbo posts his solution to the problem:

1. Go to
2. Enter with a different MobileMe ID, and create a new account for FREE @
3. On the iPhone, go to and add the new account in iCloud Settings.
4. Sync only your E-mails


- The new iCloud account registers our device and everything works fine

- “Push” is working again on both counts

Let us know if the above solution works for you. Then, be sure to leave us with your own vote below so we can gather exactly just how widespread these iCloud push mail issues are.

[Thanks @Chris_c81!]

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