Siri. Now Functional On iPhone 4 (and iPod Touch 4G) – [VIDEO]

Siri. Now Functional On iPhone 4 (and iPod Touch 4G) – [VIDEO]

Remember how we told you that Apple’s intelligent voice assistant, Siri, had been successfully ported to the iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th Generation) and iPad? – If do you, you may also remember that at the time we informed you of this, none of these devices were able to communicate with Apple’s servers … and therefore, Siri remained silent.

In a breakthrough to happen over this weekend, however, hackers @Chpwn and @StroughtonSmith have successfully managed to get both the iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4G) to talk with the servers which serve up those attitude-filled responses, meaning Siri is now fully functional on both devices.

But the port to iPod touch (4G) doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Mark Gurman for 9to5Mac sat down with Troughton-Smith for an interview. Here’s what he had to say:

Mark: So, you also got Siri working on the fourth-generation iPod touch, how is that working out?

Steven: We got chpwn’s iPod touch up and running with Siri after proving it works on my iPhone 4. Unfortunately the microphone on the iPod is nowhere near as good as the iPhone – you will notice that the Siri level meter hardly moves when you talk to it. While it does work, you have to speak loudly and clearly to the iPod.

While the efforts of both @Chpwn and @StroughtonSmith are commendable – the duo having achieved what many were beginning to believe wasn’t possible – we can’t help but believe that Apple will be allocating all available resources to in order to prevent this “hack” from functioning once it is eventually distributed publicly.

[via iJailbreak]