iChat Heading To iOS? … Code Teardown Says “Likely”

iChat Heading To iOS? … Code Teardown Says “Likely”

Uncovered by developer John Heaton (@Gojohnnyboi), a number of entries buried deep within iOS could suggest Apple has plans to integrate, (or already has a near-to-finished version of), iChat designed specifically for its mobile platform.

Strings found within iOS hinting at possible future iChat integration …

Most likely set to be merged with the firm’s existing out-of-the-box iMessages app, again first introduced with the release of iOS 5, Heaton notes:

Seriously, [Apple] probably have a pretty-close-to-done iChat app for iOS. Either that, or [Apple] are/were planning on integrating all kinds of cool stuff into the Messages app.

Although, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard iChat may be coming to iOS. Back in September of this year, MacRumors also reported that it believed Apple was planning to merge the feature-set of iMessages with a watered-down version of the company’s iChat messaging client.

The news arrived as the site found various strings relating to “instant messages” in the software framework of OS X Lion’s iChat client. Dubbed “timeDelivered” and “timeRead”, the site noted that both strings found appeared to relate to the active “tracking” of delivery of instant messages. These two fields were also said to relate to message read receipts, also introduced in iOS 5.


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