iSKINZA Returns (With A New Name). Introducing, RAZORIA – [VIDEO]

iSKINZA Returns (With A New Name). Introducing, RAZORIA – [VIDEO]

In October 2010, we launched iSKINZA – a company specializing in providing you with uniquely-designed, quality vinyl skins for either your iPhone®, iPod® touch and iPad®. After a strong run, in March of this year, we announced that due to unforeseen circumstances the company would cease trading, which it did.

Since then, however, we’ve had a large amount of people on a daily basis asking us to bring iSKINZA back. Well, you asked … and we listened. With clear demand for the products iSKINZA previously offered still shown to this day, today we’re announcing its triumphant re-launch under a new name – RAZORIA.

Set to become your number one stop for unique, exclusively-designed vinyls for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, RAZORIA will (re)-launch as part of and will feature exclusive adhesive vinyls for iPhone® 3GS, iPhone® 4, iPhone® 4S, iPod® touch (G3), iPod® touch (G4), iPad® and iPad® 2.

Due to our supplier itself no longer offering to print vinyls for older-generation devices, such as the iPhone® 2G, iPhone® 3G, iPod touch® (G1) and iPod touch (G2), these models will not be supported at RAZORIA’s initial launch. That said, if there is a clear demand shown for vinyls designed specifically for any one of the aforementioned, older-generation devices – we’ll make it happen!

With a new year comes a new exchange rate, and so, we’re currently still working out the exact pricing for each vinyl type RAZORIA will offer. However, stay tuned, because this information will be forthcoming before the official, worldwide launch of RAZORIA on January 1, next year.

ZUMOKI for iPhone 4 (Left), KLARION for iPhone 4, (Right). *Not actual print quality.

UBERKIS Vinyl Video Review – (By @Zamostny)

Previous Reactions:

“I don’t know, I just happen to like these skins – and you know I’m not a skins type. I like my Apple devices naked and cold, but this stuff is cool.
- MacStories

“As many others, I am a MAJOR fan of his work. I had the honor to write the @RFlyMe iPhone app and was stunned when he showed me the UI he designed for it. His graphic ability is outstanding.”
- Tech Unwrapped

Film Front Back iSKINZA for iPhone

iSKINZA goes Live!

If Lady Gaga has an iPad, [she] would use one of these for sure.
- Mac Magazine

Without a doubt two products which, when combined, can provide that extra touch of personalization in more that surely will not make much regret the cancellation of the elusive white iPhone. The print quality is also very satisfying and one thing that has particularly affected is the effect of “honeycomb” that generates the skins with a view angle.”
- iPaple

“Oh look, I got it! Now I know I am awesome.”
- @PolishDemon in reaction to receiving our first mailshot teaser.

“Coolest iPhone “skinz” ever invented!!!”
- frascarelli83 (YouTube)

“Vinyl is the new leather!”
- rkerlin (YouTube)

“RazorianFly’s wallpapers, now on an iDevice as a skin? Heck yeah”
- ThePolishDemon (YouTube)

“These are gonna be awesome guys!”
- TheIphonehack (YouTube)

- ThePumal (YouTube)

3-layer 3M material ensures both longevity and protection. *Not actual print quality.

About The Vinyls

After extensive testing and research on a number of materials which would allow us to actually create and manufacture RAZORIA’s highly-quality vinyls, we decided to go with the best.

Offered up by industry leader 3M, Skins from RAZORIA will take advantage of “3M™ Controltac™ with Comply”, a patented material which features non-visible air release channels to assure you get a high-gloss, bubble-free application. Other added benefits of the material include no residual stickiness or liquid once removed, pressure activation, “slideability” and the vinyls can be repositioned with ease for fast and easy application.

To celebrate the launch of RAZORIA, we’re giving away not 3, not 5, but 10 – Yes – TEN FREE iPhone® VINYLS to 10 lucky winners. For a chance to grab yourself a free RAZORIA vinyl, all you have to do is the following.

1. Follow us at @RAZORIASKINS.
2. Hit the button below to tweet out about our launch!

The contest will run from today (November 18, 2011) to January 1, 2012. After entries are counted and verified, our 10 randomly picked winners will be announced on or before Janurary 31, 2012. Good Luck!