Apple Hires UI/Concept Designer Jan-Michael Cart

Apple Hires UI/Concept Designer Jan-Michael Cart

(credit: 9to5Mac)

Announced via his personal blog yesterday, UI and concept designer – Jan-Michael Cart – has revealed that he will begin work at Apple in Cupertino, California in about a month’s time. The news follows after the designer made numerous headlines surrounding some user interface concepts he had designed for Apple’s iOS and OS X operating system.

Most interesting was Cart’s artist rendition of Apple’s – then unreleasedSiri “assistant” user interface, which he made in collaboration with data from reports MacRumors was reporting on at the time. Compared to the interface we’re all familiar with on the iPhone 4S today, looking back, this was pretty damn close.

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Which ultimately leaves us questioning — Did Apple cherry-pick Cart’s Siri interface design, knowing it had the intention of bringing him on sometime in the future? — One thing is for sure, and that is with Cart now on board at Apple, the future of iOS and the mobile OS’s level of user interaction, is looking bright.

We’ve embedded a whole selection of Cart’s UI concepts below, some of which could now see their debut in a future version of iOS — Okay, maybe not, but we can dream … right?Enjoy!

To see the rest, be sure to head over to Cart’s official YouTube channel.