Siri Can Now Help You Shop At Best Buy

As Apple’s intelligent voice assistant grows in popularity amongst existing (and future potential) iOS users, business owners around the world are looking to grab a piece of the action. One particular retailer which has managed to do that this week is Best Buy, who, in a deal with Wolfram Alpha, has given access to its entire product catalog for use with Siri.

Highlighted by TUAW and detailed on the firm’s official blog, Wolfram Alpha this week announced the addition of the product catalog using Best Buy’s own public APIs, meaning you can now find pricing information, specifications, product images and model numbers for any product you wish, using just your voice.

Just in time for the holidays, we’re introducing a new functionality that provides consumers with a unique approach to shopping. By leveraging data from Best Buy’s public APIs, Wolfram|Alpha users will now be able to browse more than 35,000 appliances and consumer electronics products. Wolfram|Alpha’s intuitive natural-language interface helps you hone in on the precise products you need, while its powerful data visualization capabilities give you an innovative overview of any shopping category.

We’ve taken the strengths we’ve developed in math, science, and socioeconomic data and created something equally unique and useful for online shoppers. Type in the name of a product category—”dishwashers” or “tablet computers,” for example—and Wolfram|Alpha generates a comprehensive, custom analysis. What are the typical dimensions and other physical characteristics of other products in this class? How common is a given product feature?

Wolfram|Alpha helps you to answer these questions.

Pretty neat, eh?

Whilst Siri itself is still limited to providing this information through its built-in integration with Wolfram Alpha, in the future, Apple could add support for Best Buy’s product catalog (and many more like it) directly into Siri’s personality – and with rumors the company could be working on a television with Siri functionality as its main selling point, Apple could also be about to reinvent the way we shop from home.

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