Apple Owns Steve Jobs’ Likeness? – [REPORT]

Apple Owns Steve Jobs’ Likeness? – [REPORT]

According to a new report by The Telegraph today, Apple has begun threatening legal action over the production of a plastic doll of the firm’s late, former company CEO, Steve Jobs. Reportedly claiming to own rights to Jobs’ likeness, Apple has, (according to the report), requested Chinese manufacturer ‘InIcons’ to cease all plans to go ahead and produce the figurine.

The 12-inch figurine, which comes complete with Jobs’s trademark blue jeans, sneakers and black turtleneck sweater, was created by Chinese company In Icons and was set for release in February. But ‘their efforts have reportedly met with’ a legal challenge with Apple allegedly threatening to sue the toy maker unless they cease trading.

In response to Apple’s reported request for the firm to cease production of the doll, however, ABC News reports that Tandy Cheung(a company representative) – stated the firm would not adhere to Apple’s request, with Cheung citing that Apple “can do anything [it] like[s].”

“Apple can do anything they like. I will not stop, we already started production…Steve Jobs is not an actor, he’s just a celebrity… There is no copyright protection for a normal person… Steve Jobs is not a product… so I don’t think Apple has the copyright of him.”

The news follows a variety of other cases in which toy manufacturers have had their runnings with Apple’s legal team – including the guys at MICGadget – who were reportedly forced to cease the manufacture of their own toy doll of Steve Jobs, after the site claimed that they had received correspondence from Apple noting that the toy’s existence was “a violation of California Civil Code Section 3344.”

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