Frequency™ For iPad: Your Guide To The Best In Web Video

One application which nearly slipped us by this weekend, and – (in retrospect) – should have made this week’s NND segment, is Frequency™ For iPad. Arriving as a “personal video service,” Frequency™ claims to be the fastest and easiest way you can watch video online.

Adopting its “Follow” trait from social network Twitter, Frequency™ offers up hundreds of videos based on the content providers you personally choose to follow. News, Entertainment, Music, Sports, Technology, likelihood is you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

Video sources available in Frequency™’s predefined catalog, include: Fox Sports, CNN, New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Onion, National Geographic, and more. You can also choose to follow content channels based on their subject. Subjects offered up within the app, include: Animation, Arts, Business, Celebrity, Comedy, Cyber Culture, Education, Fashion, Food, Health, How Tos, Ideas, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, News, Politics, Sports, Tech, Travel, TV, Video Games and Viral Video.

Once you’ve chosen a subject – for example “Tech”Frequency™ will then display the sources (or content channels) for that specific subject area. Sources are categorized into “Popular,” “New,” and “A-Z,” and tapping “Follow” on any of these sources will add their video content to your home view.

There are three views in which you can choose to view your videos in. With options to switch via these views available in the top-left, the first – (seen above) – is a three-column view which provides you with access to “Topics,” “Channels” (Sources), and Frequency’s Top 25.

The second view available in Frequency creates a grid of social video by using a separate column for each of the video source’s you happen to be following. Each column is then split up with options to view either “Popular” or “New” videos, dependent on what takes your fancy.

The final view Frequency offers up puts your video content front and center. Again taking some cues from other social networks, such as YouTube, Frequency’s third view places the video your watching in a column which spans 80% of the screen. The column to the left of this then displays Frequency’s Top 25.

Actually watching a video within Frequency™ is pretty straight forward — as the app uses iOS’s built-in video player, simply tapping on a video you like the look of will put that video center stage. Video pages within Frequency offer up additional information about your chosen video, such as how long ago the video was published to the internet and that video’s description.

Alongside viewing video from predefined sources, though, Frequency also allows you to see video content from your followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook, too. Adding both social accounts was pretty painless and videos from our own social sphere showed up almost instantly. Options to add any video you come across to your Favorites, Watch Later list and even e-mail the clip to your friends, family and colleagues, are also welcome features.

Summing up, if you’re a person who likes keeping abreast of the most-notable, cutting edge video content to hit the web (in real-time), or you’re simply a person who’s looking for a quick and easy solution to having the web video content you want to watch all in one place, Frequency™ is definitely worth your time.

Frequency™ supports iPad exclusively and is a FREE download from the App Store.

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