HP CEO: Apple Could Surpass Us In PC Volume … (If You Count iPad)

HP CEO: Apple Could Surpass Us In PC Volume … (If You Count iPad)

Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard, has this week gone on the record noting that Apple could surpass the company in PC volume if recent sales of the iPad are also taken into consideration. The report follows a previous report by various Wall Street analysts, in which a figure of 20 Million was batted around regarding how many combined Mac and iPad unit sales they believed the company may have managed to secure throughout the last quarter.

Now compare that figure to the 14.7 Million PC units that HP announced it had shipped last quarter, and you start to see why Whitman is so confident in her predictions Apple will surpass the quarterly PC volume of her company. Granted, only time will tell — and lets not forget, if you were to strip the iPad out of those figures entirely, Apple would be nowhere near overtaking HP in PC volume.

In fact, (based in current analyst estimates), Apple is expected to announce Mac sales in the region of just 5 Million — Plus, there is always a running debate over whether the iPad can truly be classed as a replacement for the desktop computer.

Apple is expected to announce its earnings report for Q1, 2012, on January 24.

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