Time Warner Cable Arrives On iPhone (and iPod touch)

Time Warner Cable Arrives On iPhone (and iPod touch)

Time Warner’s ‘TWC TV’ app, (which allows subscribers of the network the ability to watch live TV in “any room in the house,”) has this week gained universal compatibility for both iPhone and iPod touch. During its original debut on the App Store early last year, the application was met with serious controversy as it was claimed the company hadn’t received the necessary streaming rights to offer content from its providers on the iPad.

Viacom was the first who went after TimeWarner over the issue, claiming that the network should have gained the necessary rights before proceeding to offer certain channels to its iPad subscriber base. As a result of the lawsuit brought against TimeWarner by Viacom, the company temporarily pulled Viacom’s channel listing from the app’s offerings.

Following this, Viacom then proceeded to go after U.S television provider Cablevision, over a dispute regarding the use of its TV content in the firm’s official iPad client.

It wrote:

“Cablevision has seized distribution rights that Viacom has not granted. Viacom grants rights to distribute our content based on specific technologies and devices. We have extensive relationships with dozens of distribution companies who deal with us fairly and deliver outstanding consumer experiences on a variety of platforms. These relationships are based on fair licensing agreements that provide appropriate value for everyone involved. We will take the steps necessary to ensure that Cablevision respects our rights.”

Luckily, the dispute was eventually settled for an undisclosed sum. Requiring iOS 4.3(or later), TWC TV requires its users to have a valid monthly or yearly subscription to Time Warner Cable and now supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch G3, iPod touch G4, iPad and iPad 2.

Grab TWC TV 2.6.0 from the App Store today.

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