Apple Trademarks “Macroscalar,” Possible Indication Of Upcoming Chip Architecture?

Apple Trademarks “Macroscalar,” Possible Indication Of Upcoming Chip Architecture?

As reported by our friends at PatentlyApple this week, Apple over the weekend trademarked the word “Macroscalar,” a move which Extreme Tech’s Joel Hruska notes could pave the way for Apple to introduce 3D transistors as part of the architecture of its upcoming, A6 processing chip.

Expected to be present in both the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 at launch, the USPTO-published trademark is noted to be specifically interesting as – (up until this point) – work on Apple’s secretive “Macroscalar” Processor Architecture has been just that – a secret.

The U.S filing which showed up over the weekend has today also been followed up by a filing in Hong Kong‘s Intellectual Property Office, too, with the trademark specifically carrying an International Class covering “microprocessors for computers.”

The most interesting product possibility listed in this filing relates to voice recognition software and applications that is likely related to Siri. Though, as you’ll see, the list of possibilities that Apple lays out in their application is simply mind boggling.

As noted by the report, looking back at history we see that Apple mainly prefers to trademark the word or phrase pertaining to a possible future product a few months (or years) after said product makes its public appearance. However, looking at this week’s trademarks filings, it appear Apple may have had a change of tack, possibly now choosing to trademark these names first, in an attempt to build hype surrounding the product(s) which pertain to them.