Vice President Of iPhone and iPod Engineering, David Tupman, Leaves Apple

Vice President Of iPhone and iPod Engineering, David Tupman, Leaves Apple

Following the recent departure of Ron Johnson (Apple’s former Head of Retail), 9to5Mac reports that the company recently also suffered another executive departure. David Tupman, Apple’s Former Vice President Of iPhone and iPod Engineering, reportedly left the company for greener pastures in the latter half of last year, having worked on almost every iPod and iPhone which has made the light of day.

The named inventor of 70+ Apple-filed patents, there’s no doubting that Tupman – while working for the company – had a great influence on the products Apple produced.

More interesting, though, is Tupman’s past, which details just how the former VP actually ended up working for the Cupertino company. Having achieved a degree in engineering electronics at Salford University, he then went onto become a lead engineer at a firm called Schlumberger, an oil provider specializing in providing services to outside clients. Tupman would later end up at Psion, reaching the top of his game (at the time) as manager of the company’s hardware division.

But it was the days of Apple’s Tony Fadell and the invention of the iPod that would really propel Tupman’s career into the stratosphere, with Apple reportedly hiring Tupman just days before the company was set to introduce the revolutionary MP3 device at their September 2001 special media event.

Since that day, Tupman has worked in the shadows as an integral part of the teams which brought to fruition the iPod, iPhone, and more recently, the iPad.

From the report:

According to our sources, Tupman left Apple at the end of last year. This would seem to be a significant blow to the company whose mobile devices helped lead Apple to a $46 billion holiday quarter.

Apple is reportedly yet to name Tupman’s successor, but is now thought to be “actively pursuing” his replacement.