FBI Releases File Detailing 1991 Background Check On Steve Jobs


Following the passing of the former Apple CEO and Chairman in October of last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has this week released a document which appears to show a background check on the late 56-year old, originally asked for by The White House.

According to the report – (via Gawker)the 191-page file is hardly all ponies and rainbows, noting specifically that the document contains a number of comments which are “derogatory” in nature. The site continues to highlight that a number of these comments actually question the CEO and his integrity, with one unnamed person noting Steve’s ability to “twist the truth” and “distort reality” in order to achieve what he ultimately wanted to achieve.

Particularly interesting, though, is the nature of the request, which it is stated appears to have originated from somewhere within The White House. While it is unclear if such a background check was originally instigated by the then-U.S President, the document could paint a true picture as to what the people Steve previously had business relationships with thought of the Apple CEO at that time.

[via MacRumors]

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