Bejeweled 1.1 – Now With ‘Butterfly’ Mode, New Badges, Gifting

Bejeweled 1.1 – Now With ‘Butterfly’ Mode, New Badges, Gifting

Those of you out there who may already be addicted to PopCap’s multi-award winning title Bejeweled, may be pleased to hear that the game studio has this week issued the first-ever update to the game’s official iOS version.

Making its App Store debut on December 7, 2011, the new update brings with it a whole new gameplay mode to keep you busy, as well as a few other tidbits. Hit the break for a rundown and full changelog! …

In Bejeweled’s new ‘Butterfly’ Mode, Butterfly gems appear at the bottom of the board and move up a space every turn. The hungry spider at the top of the board is waiting to catch any butterfly it can — so players will need to match these butterflies or use special gems to free them. The question is: How many butterflies can you save?

- Don’t waste moves matching butterflies that are already aligned to match up.
- Try to match as many butterflies as possible in one match for a super score combo!
- Take your time and think it through, Butterflies will test your powers of forethought to the maximum of your ability.

Alongside the addition of this new game mode, PopCap has also added a few more additions to the game which are bound to enhance your overall experience. The first of which are new badges. With this update adding two new achievement badges into the mix for you to collect, you might just find yourself playing more often than normal.

Perhaps you’re looking to gift the Bejeweled experience to a friend or family member? — PopCap now has you covered on that, too, as Bejeweled 1.1 also includes the ability to gift the game to others, directly from within the app.

“Constantly looking for ways to bring you more Bejeweled fun,” PopCap’s latest update to Bejeweled for iOS is FREE to those who may already own the game. For those of you who don’t yet own Bejeweled, you’ll find the game on the iTunes App Store for the (very) affordable price of $0.99.