eBay: Publishing Of iPad 3 Invite Saw 125,000 New iOS Device Trade-Ins


(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Although we were fully expecting Apple’s media invite for its pegged March 7 event to arrive sometime this week, nothing could prepare us for this news which followed from eBay’s executives.

According to the online auction site, within just the first few hours of the original story breaking, the site saw a staggering 125,000 new trade-ins submitted for iOS devices.

Speaking to the guys at CNET yesterday, eBay told the news publication that – of those 125,000 trade-ins it had received – approximately 97 percent of them were trade-ins on both Apple’s first-generation and current-generation iPad models. This, it said, is 10-times as many trade-ins it received for iOS devices compared to this month last year.

This afternoon, the company said it’s generated more than 125,000 tablet trade-in offers this month, with 97.6 percent of those consisting of Apple iPad models. That number is up tenfold from the number of offers during the same month last year, eBay said.

Are you planning to sell your own iPad in light of this news? — If so, do you plan to use eBay?

[via TUAW]

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