Apple Already Has “Retina”-Ready Version Of

Apple Already Has “Retina”-Ready Version Of

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We’re now just days away from the official launch of the iPad 3, and the good folks at Macotakara have discovered that Apple appears to already have a “Retina”-optimized version of its world-renown website ready for deployment on Friday.

Whilst it was originally believed that users would first require a HiDPI resolution to see such changes (for example, the iPad 3′s Retina display), the site today notes that there is, in fact, a cool workaround which allows you to see this super-high resolution version of right from within Safari on your Mac (or PC).

AppleInsider explains:

To do this, in Safari choose Preferences, then Advanced and check the option “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” Users can then right-click on the homepage and choose “Inspect Element.”

From there, choose the “Console” option to the far right, paste the following, and press return:

AC.ImageReplacer._devicePixelRatio = 2
new AC.ImageReplacer()

Apple will likely begin serving this new version of to iPad 3 users automatically, during (or shortly after) this week’s official launch of the next-generation tablet.