Targus Confirms It Will Replace Cases Incompatible With New iPad

Targus Confirms It Will Replace Cases Incompatible With New iPad

Whilst new Apple product announcements are often considered great for most, in some instances they can cause some issues, especially if you happen to be a manufacturer who’s job it is to manufacture cases and accessories designed for such devices.

With Apple’s level of secrecy perhaps the highest of any company in the world, only the big players are reported to get early access to device measurements before an official product announcement. Which often leaves most looking to cater for these new devices in the dark until the product’s actual announcement.

In an admirable decision this week, one such case manufacturer – Targus – issued an official statement confirming that it would replace the cases that customers had previously purchased and that were incompatible with Apple’s new third-generation iPad, free of charge.

The case in question is the Targus Slim, which it is noted – (in its previous iteration) – didn’t particularly line up all that well with the new iPad’s sleep/wake button. Having re-designed their ‘Slim’ case offering to now fit the device perfectly, though, the company notes that it will continue to replace the old version of the case for those who are looking to protect their new Apple tablet.

Those out there who may not own the previous version of the Targus Slim (and therefore won’t qualify for a free replacement from the firm), will find the new version of the case available to purchase on Amazon, from $46.79.