ChangeWave: 82% User Satisfaction Rate With New iPad

ChangeWave: 82% User Satisfaction Rate With New iPad

Available on the market for less than 3-weeks and already we are seeing a tremendous amount of praise directed at Apple’s latest-generation tablet.

Featuring that competitor-crushing, 3.1 Million, 264 pixel-per-inch (ppi) display and super-fast 4G wireless, according to a recent study conducted by ChangeWave, 82% are ‘Very Satisfied’ with their purchase of the device.

For those counting, that’s four-out-of-five new iPad owners.

Compare that figure to last year’s iPad user-satisfaction ratings and you start to build a picture of just how popular this thing is. According to ChangeWave’s February 2012 poll, only 74-percent of users responded that they were ‘Very Satisfied’ with their own purchase of the iPad 2. Meanwhile, 23-precent said they were ‘Somewhat Satisfied’ with the device and its features.

As for most-liked features? – it probably won’t come as a big shock to hear that the most-loved feature amongst iPad 3 owners is that gorgeous 9-by-7-inch “Retina” display, which took 75% of the user poll. Close second was the fact that the iPad 3 also carries that same awesomely-long battery life, with 22% noting this was their most-favourite feature.

Meanwhile, the fact that Apple’s new tablet carries with it full support for U.S 4G LTE networks grabbed 21% of user attention, followed by the fact that the device houses a faster processor – for which 20% expressed their unending love.

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