New Core i5, i7-Powered iMac Models To Launch, This June-July? – [RUMOR]

New Core i5, i7-Powered iMac Models To Launch, This June-July? – [RUMOR]

As rumors continue to swirl around Apple’s all-in-one desktop product, new reports yesterday suggest that Apple could be planning to launch both Core i5, i7-powered iMac models as early as this June.

According to the report – (which arrives via a “reliable tipster”) – the new models will reportedly take full advantage of those 22-nanometer, “Ivy Bridge” processors, manufactured by chip-maker Intel.

You may remember at the tail end of February of this year, we reported that the Executive Vice President Of Intel had, in a recent interview with The Financial Times, revealed that the start of sales of machines equipped with Ivy Bridge “could only begin later this year.” More specifically, the executive was quoted as saying “I think maybe it’s June now,” when referring to the possible launch date of the firm’s ‘Ivy Bridge’ 22nm processors.

The launch of these processors in the first few weeks of June could – theoretically – facilitate a late-June launch of iMac models which carry any of these i5 and i7 Core Intel processors – (Intel is currently said to be working on a few: i7-3770K, Core i7-3770, Core i7-3770S, Core i7-3770T, Core i5-3550).

News that Apple could be planning a June-July launch for its next-generation iMac, follows nicely on from another recent report by DigiTimes, in which the Taiwanese publication noted its own beliefs that the firm could be developing a new type of glass for the AIO units, a type of glass which is reportedly set to take full advantage of “anti-glare” technology.

/ HowTo-Arena via AppleInsider