Universal Flicks The Switch To Allow Re-Download Of Movies Via iCloud

Universal Flicks The Switch To Allow Re-Download Of Movies Via iCloud

Last month, you may remember we reported that U.S television giant HBO was discussing the possibility of allowing users the ability to re-download both Fox and Universal content they had originally purchased on iTunes, through iCloud.

Noting at the time that the network was ‘working towards’ allowing users to re-download content from both providers in the coming weeks, The Wall Street Journal wrote:

HBO isn’t planning to give up its exclusive windows, for which it pays hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and which allow it to beam movies to its online service HBO Go as well as to its traditional TV channels. But HBO is relaxing terms to let users of iCloud and other services send movies they already own to other devices during those windows, an HBO spokesman said.

And, it appears – just in time for Easter – the network has finally managed to make this happen. First reported by our friends over at MacRumors, movies which are published by Universal Studios and available on iTunes over the weekend saw the removal of a notice originally attached to them, which read:

“When purchased, this movie will not be available from iTunes in the Cloud.”

Confirmed by a number of users now able to download their previously purchased movies published by Universal, you too should also now be able to download any movie previously purchased from the studio, simply by heading to the ‘Purchased’ section on iTunes – (or Apple TV).

Let us know if it works for you!

/ Image Credit: Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL, USA (tripholiday.net)