Apple’s Las Vegas NAB Meet Reveals Details On Future Final Cut Pro X Features – [UPDATED]

Apple’s Las Vegas NAB Meet Reveals Details On Future Final Cut Pro X Features – [UPDATED]

Apple on Monday attended the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss the future of the company and its products focused specifically at those in the television industry – and, as detailed on video editor Larry Jordan’s personal blog, it appears Apple may have revealed some future features coming to its Final Cut Pro suite during the meet-up.

To start, Jordan notes that Final Cut Pro X is the main version of FCP Apple is currently working on, adding that “there is not a Final Cut Pro 8 waiting in the wings.”

Noting that the company views Final Cut Pro X as “the future of video editing,” also highlighting the firms full commitment to the industry in providing the video editing tools it may require for the future, Jordan states that an upcoming version of Final Cut Pro X will feature the following:

– Multichannel Audio Editing Tools
– Dual Viewers
– MXF Plug-in Support
– RED camera support

Noting that these features were said to be coming “later this year,” he reports:

Dual Viewers is analogous to Source and Record monitors; though Apple stressed that when they implement a feature they try to do it better than it has been done before. A good example of this is their recent multicam addition. This feature would allow us to easily compare two clips.

FCP X has been able to read MXF files (think XDCAM EX), but not the native MXF wrapper that contains them. In the past, it needed to convert MXF to QuickTime. In the future, FCP X won’t need to make this conversion. Apple was quick to stress that this was not a move away from QuickTime, instead it was adding support for a common video format.

RED camera support means that we would not need to convert RED footage to QuickTime, but would be able to edit RED files natively.

While this update may arrive as too-little-too-late for some video editors out there, it appears Apple is at least trying to provide some of the features wanted by many of Final Cut Pro X’s professional users. The current version of Final Cut Pro X (10.0.4) is available for download from the Mac App Store, for £199.99.


You know how it is with reports of this nature. Turns out, Apple wasn’t at this year’s NAB conference, but they did have an on-the-record meeting with Jordan during which the company is said to have revealed the above details about FCPX.

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Final Cut Pro X
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Released: 10 April, 2012