Spotify For iPad To Land, This Wednesday? – [PHOTO]

Spotify For iPad To Land, This Wednesday? – [PHOTO]

Is this Spotify’s official iPad app? – (Click for larger)

The image you see above was originally posted to photo-sharing service Instagram by a Sweden-based technology consultant, according to TheVerge. The photo – (which appears to show Spotify‘s official iPad client) – was later removed from the service, without reason.

This is interesting for a number of reasons. Not just because the world and his dog have been awaiting such a client, but – according to BGR – the Swedish company itself is reportedly planning to host a press event in New York this Wednesday, at which Spotify’s CEO is expected to be present.

Coincidence? – Not likely.

Spotify for iPhone is a FREE download from the iTunes App Store. Although, it should be noted that, you will require a monthly subscription to the music-streaming service in order to stream music (or playlists) to the iOS device(s) of your choosing.