Spotify Founder Says iPad Application Is “In The Works”

Spotify Founder Says iPad Application Is “In The Works”

Yesterday, we brought you news that Sweden-based music-streaming service Spotify had officially announced its partnership with worldwide mega-brand, Coca-Cola.

The partnership, as we currently understand it, will see Spotify integrate the fine-grain streaming technology it is powered on to further improve Coca-Cola Music(a fairly new service which was first introduced in August 2011) – all the while, giving Spotify a major PR boost.

But Coke wasn’t the only subject on Ek’s mind this week. During its press event the company held in New York City last night, Spotify founder, Daniel Ek, also confirmed – (for perhaps the first time) – that the long-awaited, native iPad client for the service is “in the works.”

While Spotify’s Managing Director, Chris Maples, had previously stated in an interview with Pocket-Lint that developing an app for Apple’s iPad was something which held great priority to the firm, the company failed to confirm the existence of the project in a manner which implied the app was ‘in development’ at that time.

Maples did, however, comment that he believes the announcement of Spotify’s iPad client once it is eventually ready for primetime will be “the biggest announcement that [Spotify has] ever made.”

The disappointing no-show of the firm’s native iPad client this week follows on from a report via The Verge, in which the site highlighted a photo, (originally published to photo-sharing service Instagram by an unnamed Sweden-based technology consultant), of what appeared to be Spotify’s official music client for the tablet in full view. The photo was later pulled.

Interestingly, Spotify and Coke announced that they do plan to launch a Facebook-intergrated app – (in relation to yesterday’s announcement) – during the London 2012 Olympics, perhaps hinting that we can expect Spotify’s iPad app to launch around the same time.

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