Unlock For GSM iPhone 4S Surfaces

Unlock For GSM iPhone 4S Surfaces

Hacker Loktar_Sun over the weekend successfully managed to unlock Apple’s iPhone 4S, using nothing more than a jailbroken device, a few downloadable tweaks, an internet connection, and iTunes – according to Gizmodo.

Noting that the unlock was designed to “free you from your carrier’s tyranny,” the site has posted a full step-by-step guide on how to achieve the unlock, in the process highlighting that the process is pretty “painless” after getting your hands on a jailbroken iPhone 4S.

IMPORTANT: Before starting, make sure to have the latest iTunes. This process should be painless and easy but, like with every other unlock, proceed at your own risk.

We’ve chosen not to embed the instructions which relate to this article as it is against our current business interests. However, those of you out there who may be looking to give this new unlocking method a try will find full step-by-step instructions – right here.

Note: This unlock will only reportedly work on GSM iPhone 4S handsets.

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