Apple’s Cash Is Building At (Approximately) $100,000 … Per Minute. – [UPDATED]

Apple’s Cash Is Building At (Approximately) $100,000 … Per Minute. – [UPDATED]

You heard us.

Following Apple’s fiscal conference call earlier this evening – (in which the company announced record Q2 revenue of $39.2 Billion, seeing net profit of $11.6 Billion)Forbes ran an interesting and (part-speculative) report using the financial information revealed during the call to approximately weigh-in the rate at which Apple is taking in cash.

Noting that securities increased by $12.6 Billion for the March quarter – now reflecting $110.2 Billion – the publication highlights that this would indicate the company could currently be raking in cash at a rate of $138.2 Million per day. Break that down and it equates to $5.75 Million per hour, or $96,000 a minute.

And that’s not even the most incredible part to all of this. The figures announced by the firm tonight suggest Apple is currently taking in around $1,600 every single second. … See that, there’s another $1,600. Just like that.

As a result, Forbes reports Apple has managed to accrue $28.6 Billion within the last 6-months, and this rate appears to be showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, over that 6-month period, Apple was said to be earning $156.3 Million per day, (or $1,800 a second.)

… Well on the way to that $1 Trillion stock valuation.


/ Forbes