Apple Imposes New ‘No Live-Blogging’ Rule For This Year’s WWDC? – [UPDATE: Likely Just Dev 'Sessions']

Apple Imposes New ‘No Live-Blogging’ Rule For This Year’s WWDC? – [UPDATE: Likely Just Dev 'Sessions']

As first spotted by @thatbrenkid, it appears Apple is planning to enforce a ‘no live-blogging’ rule amongst members of the press who may have already bought a $1599 ticket to this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, and – in turn – may also have plans to live-blog the event to others unable to attend the event.

In what appears to be an FAQ surrounding the event and what is going to be offered to both developers and media representatives who are in attendance, Apple states that “engaging in any form of live blogging during WWDC sessions is expressly prohibited.

The move is particularly interesting when you consider that live-blogging has – in the past - usually acted as a invaluable resource to the rest of the world to get first dabs on and hear about whatever announcements are made (or going to be made) at Apple’s special media events.

This year, however, it appears the world’s most-valuable company is going to try and prohibit the major press players from leaking announcements from the event before Apple has had a chance to officially announce them on

It is so far unclear if this restriction will apply to just Apple’s developer sessions held at the event, or whether the company will also try and impose the same ‘no live-blogging’ rule upon those who try to live-blog its main WWDC12 keynote address.


Taking a second look, the wording of the copy shown appears to suggest this rule will simply cover Apple’s developer “sessions,” which are often covered under NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

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