‘iOSLiveTV’ Streams Live (AirPlay-Compatible) TV To Your iOS Device

‘iOSLiveTV’ Streams Live (AirPlay-Compatible) TV To Your iOS Device

Despite TV English Premium being removed from the App Store at the beginning of this week, it appears an online variant of the service has re-launched as iOSLiveTV.com.

Browser-based and thus avoiding any regulations tied to the App Store, whilst it is so far unclear if iOSLiveTV is owned (or otherwise operated by) the same people who brought us TV English Premium, the service does allow for the streaming of live TV content from all regions of the globe, to either an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Particularly interesting is the service’s ability to stream this content in an AirPlay-compatible format. Legal? – Again, not likely. We’re guessing this service may break close to every current law surrounding television broadcast there is going, so we wouldn’t expect it to work as advertised for too much longer, especially considering the amount of publicity the service is now receiving.

Just as with TV English Premium, iOSLiveTV.com supports the streaming of both Freeview and Sky programming, with a selection of content originating from other countries also available to stream freely.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!