Briefly: RIM Staged The “WAKE UP” Campaign?

Briefly: RIM Staged The “WAKE UP” Campaign?

Last week, you may remember we brought you news of a strange protest that had took place in Sydney, Australia outside one of the city’s Apple retail stores. The protest consisted of a Black-painted bus paraded around the city with the words “WAKE UP” on its side.

Filmed by someone on YouTube, the bus then stopped and let out a crowd of people each of who sported a black packard with the words “WAKE UP” on them. The weird crowd continued to shout the words “WAKE UP” at both Apple staff and customers within the store.

Originally thought to be the work of Samsung Australia, with the company having publicly denied all involvement in the stunt, Macworld Australia over the weekend tore down the campaign’s website and found a few interesting tidbits.

During their travels around the site’s source code they found the reference:;src=2215527;type=black822;);

Which they note includes the SRC value “2215527″ – a Doubleclick account identifier.

The result? …

That SRC value is a Doubleclick account identifier. Throw that back into Google:


…and you get a bunch of hits on the RIM AU website.

Is anyone really all that surprised?