Spotify For iPad. Now Available In The App Store!

Spotify For iPad. Now Available In The App Store!

In a move which is more than likely set to see many re-subscribe to the music-streaming service – (as I will after typing this), Spotify has today updated its iPhone client with full native support for Apple’s iPad.

Featuring that same interface we saw just a few weeks ago in that leaked shot published to Instagram, Spotify for iPad arrives with “Retina”-ready visuals, including high-definition album art.

Users can search for playlists and music all from the same view and discover what’s hot, find trending playlists and songs their friends might be playing with just a few swipes of the app’s Twitter for iPad-esque sliding layout. Messages you receive in your inbox are grouped by user for more easy searching, and, to top it all off, Spotify for iPad also features support for full-screen view and AirPlay, meaning you can throw your music to your Apple TVeffortlessly.


This update also arrives with a few fixes:

- New: Gapless playback and cross fading.
- Fixed: Offline synced playlists can no longer be removed by the system.
- Fixed: Crashes related to updating playlists or starring tracks.

Spotify for iPad is a FREE download from the iTunes App Store and arrives as an update (0.5.0) to the already available Spotify iPhone client. The update weighs in at 12.4 MB, and it is important to note that you will need a subscription to the service in order to sync playlists or stream tracks to your iOS device.

/ 9to5Mac (h/t)